Advanced kanji dictionary for japanese students

Copyright Luis A. ArceWelcome to JavaDiKt's official webpage, a free software project that aims to become a tool for studying Japanese kanji.

Students of all levels are suitable to use it. With JavaDiKt, you can build complex queries using little fragments of your already known information about the kanji or kanjis you are looking for, getting the result in miliseconds. Furthermore you can export the retrieved kanji information into tables or flashcards to html, pdf and txt.

JavaDiKt is completely free and can be executed in almost all platforms thanks to the Java technology. The only thing you'll need to have installed is a java virtual machine.

Recent changes:

-1.1.6beta version

  • Animated export dialog prompts while exporting
  • Solved bug in which when exporting in PDF using unicode chars they appeared as "?"
  • Solved bug in which unknown stroke "E" was added in draw panel on many JVM
  • Solved bug that prevented to execute JavaDiKt in mac using .app launcher
  • Solved many minor bugs

-1.1.5beta version

  • Added HTML and PDF exporters
  • Added Table and FlashCard stylers
  • Added etid context menu to the remaining components(dic list, variants, radical window,...)
  • Improved launch time
  • New manual in HTML
  • Animated splash screen
  • Solved many minor bugs

-1.1.4beta version

  • Significantly improved database performance
  • Added help button that displays an info window about the selected kanji field
  • Graphic interface changed
  • Solved bug that prevented some users to add criteria using drawings
  • Improved Mac system's compatibility
  • Corrected some mistakes in manual's kanji information
  • Solved many minor bugs

-1.1.3beta version

  • Added stroke order windows in 6000 kanjis
  • Added edit context menus to the main and
  • kanji information windows
  • Some visual improvements like the reproportion of some window's sizes
  • Added detailed information about kanji fields in user's manual
  • Added a launcher for mac
  • Improved interface in mac systems
  • Solved bug that prevented to see kanjis in a exported file in window's systems
  • Solved many minor bugs

-1.1.2beta version

  • Solved many bugs
  • Improved icon quality
  • Improved kanji information window management system
  • Added "Close all Windows" button to results panel
  • Added searching by inequalities feature to dictionary reference criteria

-1.1.1beta version

  • Solved many bugs
  • Added kanji basic book 1&2 references
  • Added new version checker
  • Added user's manual

Published on  August 14th, 2011